Week 3

Hi papa, hi mama,

mir geht es gut. ich bin nicht mehr krank und fuehle mich schon sehr viel besser. Das war jetzt meine Letzte woche im mtc provo und am montag morgen um 8:45am geht’s ab nach NEW JERSEY!! Whooop whoop! Hier zu sein hat mein nochmal gestaerkt und ich kann es kaum erwaren das evangeluim mit den menschen in new Jersey zu verkuendiegen. 

I never know in which language to write because I have family in 3 different continents… but I think english is pretty universal.

There happens so much that I forget everything of i don’t write it down but here are some highlights of the week. 

On saturday me and my companion went to teach someone less-active in the trc and that was an experience that I won’t forget. usually people take on a role and just play it but this time the person that we got was really less-active and not acting! She felt that she got baptized very fast and had not a lot of knowledge and din’t really know what she was getting herself into. she had some doubts about the book of mormon and the prophet because she never felt anything when she read in it. and then she did homework on sunday and felt bad about it, anyways…. her family is not lds and not supportive so we shared our experiences and explained her what she needs to to in ord3er to find out ifit’s true. I don;t know whey but right in the beginnign i asked her of she would give the prayer and she said no and i don’t know why but after we talked to her for 40 minutes I asked her again if she would like to pray with us about the things that we have been teachign her and to really ask God with all her heart if it was true and she said she would do it!! So we knelt and we closed our eyes and there was a 30 second break and i was wondering if she was praying in her mind but she was crying! She then started to say the prayer while she was crying and it was so sincere from her heart that me and my companion felt the spirit so strong and we also0 started crying. When she was done I gave her a hug and my email address. That was so great! 

Anyways, yesterday i had in fiels orientation and that was pretty slow and boring, but important! 

OMG! There is this elder that I met in the gym (my nose was bledding when he was talking to me) and he’s kinda weird… as i am sitting here he is writing ,e little notes on papers and super flirty! NOt a good thing to be as missionary… so somehow he figured out my first name and wrote me an email… strange! that kid is not even in my branch! But no worries I didn’t flirt back haha.

Today we went to temple square with all the internationals and that was so sweet because we got to go to the church office building, and the museum and it was just so great. And I am gl;ad that I can say that I know that Joseph Smith is/was indeed the prophet! I just know it with all my heart.

I have to finish laundry! So I’ll talk to you next monday? I don’t know when my pday will be. Oh and thank you so much for all the letters (I can feel the love :D) I I wrote back, I just need to send them, but I send some already/ they got delivered by a friend to some of you. 

Anyways I love you so much and I miss you1 Sometimes i want to just chat orsee you but then I realize that I can’t. 

Ich hab euch voll lieb!

Love always & forever

Sister Kranewitter

ps: please write me letters on my mish I promise i’ll write back



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