Week 2

Hi Papa, hey Mama

Das MTC is wunderbar und mir geht es es gut, macht euch keine Sorgen. Ich hoffe euch haben die Bilder gefallen!!! Ich hab euch sooo lieb 🙂

Wow! This has been one of the shortest weeks of my life!! Since I have some time i am goign to tell you a little about my district, (it’s like a a group that I’m in) So my companion is sister Oa from american samoa and she’s already my family. She is GREAT, she’s going to Oakland Visitor Center! Then there is Elder Braluschke from Germany, that I know from before my mission, Elder Westra from Holland (Netherlands) , and Elder Barsinas, he’s from Tahiti. I really like all of them but they are a little immature sometimes (talking about the Elders). 

Elder Barsinas has some learning difficulties I think. He’s a little strange but I still love him. The other day I helped him write his talk and learn the first vision (he only speaks french and his english is super bad). Anyways, I just feel bad for him sometimes, so I decided to do something for him. I was helping him for 1 and a half hours and I noticed he has trouble concentrating. He… well he farts in class all the time and he did in the hall way the other day with all the sisters, and he always says ik hou van jou! (that means I love you in dutch it just sounds soooooo funny!!!)

So our room is alright, we have to ourselves at the moment but I think that there will be other sisters moving in next week. I just have trouble getting on my bed because there are no stairs to climb up. It probably look really retarded. 

The food is okay, there is some healthy stuff but at the moment i.m sick 😦 So I can’t really eat and I feel dizzy all the time. Yesterday I slept for 4 hours!!! Me and sister Oa went to the BYU Clinic to get some medicine so I should be better soon. 

The branch president, President  Marion is really great but i am kind of afraid of him because he always yells at us. If I didn’t feel that he had the spirit I would totally yell back… just kidding, I would never do that but that is why i listen to him. The other day during zone meeting a spider crawled on the wall behind my head and when my companion told me I freaked out and and everyone was laughing but it was kinda embarrassing and Pres, Marion of course also yelled at me for that. Some people just don’t understand what phobias are. 

Oh ya by the way we have bed bugs! I thought I could randomly through this out. 

Oh here is a really funny story for you guys! Sister Oa went to the shower and I asked her if I could use her lotion. So after I got dressed i took the lotion and put some of it on my legs and I was confused why the lotion was so slimy and weird… when sister Oa came back she asked me why her shampoo bottle was on the table and I said that she might have forgotten it there and she was liek nooo… and then she asked me again why her shampoo is on the table and then i realized that I used shampoo instead of lotion (the lotion was right next to the shampoo). And we just started laughing sooo hard!! I had no time to take anotehr shower so i just put on tights and continuedmy day. Gross!!! Right?! haha 

I also started to use the gym here and it’s really fun! I did rows the other day and my abs were hurting so bad the next couple of days that it hurt when I would laugh.

So the MTC booked my ticket today and i’ll be leaving salt lake on the 11th at 9 am. So I am quite excited! Also when i went to the temple this morning I met Kyle durfee!!! he has some letters for you at CT so Ask him if you wrote me a dear elder because I replyed! 

The other day when we were teaching I totally made this story up. So I was teachign out teacher Brother SMith (he is so great, we’re gonna teach him about the law of chastity tomorrow AWKWARD) and we invited the elders to be our members.Elder Barsinas forgot his his nametag so elder Barlusche borrowed him his. So I said that they’re twins from another mother that are participating in a twin study. Somethign like that but it was super funny.

I love the mtc, you learn so much, espechually about yourself and your weaknesses. But it’s great I already learned so much and about my purpose of being a missionary/ representatvie of Jesus Christ. SOmetomes you get a little discouraged and you’re afraid to go to the field. Me andf my companion felt like that the other day and when we talked about it we started crying, but it was good to let it all out and I think it also strengthened our relationship and helped us grow closer. Today is just a happy day liek usually any other day.

Hey hope you all are doing well! I gotta go now so ’til next week 🙂

Love always & forever! 

Sister Kranewitter

ps: if you don’t receive an email from me but you gave your email then email me first so I can save your email address (larissa.kranewitter@myldsmail.net)

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