Week 1

Hey Dad, Mom, and everyone else, 
 I have p days on friday. I went to the temple today and it was great. i think i saw brent. anyways… my companion is from samoa and she’s 21 had some siblings but her family is inactive. that’s mainly why she’d on a mission! I really love her already and look up tp hert and the example that she’s to me. sorry i”m in a hurry and I still need to write my branch prsident. he’s truly the best. 
his mission pres. was thomas s monson!!! I know right! Sorry i can’t send pictures i had no idea that they don’t take sd cards. I met Karen Castro, sister king, stephanie peatrosses old roommate from china and Elder Barlusche from Germnay. he’s actua;;y in my distric. It5’s realy crazy that i met him here…. it kind of blew my mind haha… sorry i am typing super super super fast because I am runnig out of time. I am super tired all the time but it is so great here. I already learned so much. My companion is serving in Oklahoma Visitor center and she said I have a samoan style haha… she’s so cool (SIster Oa). The food is better than when i make it hahaha… you definitely will be fat here unless you work out but believe or not I had no time to work out because I am so busy all the time. Yesterday they chose our distict ;eaders and senior and junior comanions. I am Sister Oa’s Senior companion now. The first day I had no companio0n until 8 because they messed somethign up… asnyays sorry for the typos and this whole mess… I promise that next week will be better and more organized.What I learned so far ias that this is true;y all about him and his children and not me!! 

Hey can someone send me hair ties? And can someone make sure that my byu application is in? Can someone also make saure that my endorsement is in?? And tell sister anderson that she should update my blog and fb with this email???

I am so sorry I got to go now but I am fine just tired and busy. 

Love always and forever,

Sister Kranewitter

os: my mailbox changed but I send a letter with my new address my mailbox number is 107, feel free to shoot me a dear elder and i try to reply (letters are better than emails)

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