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Week 4

Dear family and friends,

sorry that I am writing you so late but the library was closed on monday and then on tuesday the computers were down and we had 7 appointments yesterday and no time to write. So HELLO! 
Wow coming to New Jersey took only 4 hours on the plane 🙂 
My mission president, President Jeppson and  his wife are amazing! He even sung a song that he made up, and I like how he trusts the missionaries. He really does trust us and the first thing that everybody told me was that this is a super obedient mission and that it is the best! Of course every mission is teh best but this is really the best mission! It is one of the most important missions because lot’s of international people live here and if they go home then they bring the gospel home to their friends and family so it’s pretty cool to think about that this way. 
The mission conference was also really cool and I got assigned to my companion. when i went into the room with all teh trainers and i saw her face I knew that she would be my trainer immediately without any doubt and i didn’t even talk to her. That happened a coupel of times in other situations so I thought that was pretty sweet. Sister Torgerson is from Salina in Utah (no idea where that is) and she is way fun! She has to do all teh diving because i don;t have a licese, but I get to manage the phone (it’s touch screen and I hate it).
So I am in Jersey City now and it’s an interesting place… I can see New York/ Manhatten everyday across the waters, even the statue of liberty (i was really disappointed because i thought it was big, amazing, gianormous stature, but it’s really small, one day right before I leave i’ll be allowed to go there YAY). The people are very different and i don’t like their accent hahaha but that’s okay i’ll make myself love it over the next weeks. Oh ya befre i forget, they have street cleanings here twice a week on every street so parking is super (burried word) sometimes. 
It is very cold, actually IT IS ABSOLUTELY FREEZING!
Most people here can’t procounce my name or they don;’t even try so from now on my name changed to Sister K haha. That’s okay it’s short and nice 😉
The members here are WOW! They are so willing to work and help the missionaries so it’s been great :)Especially teh converts. I love their testimonies and they fire and enthusiams about teh Gospel (converts are just the best). I want to write more but I will be runnig out of time.
We have I think 7 investigators but 3 of them are really progressing. 2 of them have a baptismal date (I got to invite one of them) and Kacey just told us yesterday that he wants to get bapticed (YAY). So I think we will have 3 baptisms between march and april, if not even more 🙂 We are reallty doing everythign we can, on sunday we had 18 appointments set for this week and yesterday we already had 9 appointments for next week, and we also have 2 appointments in two weeks. My companion said that we are really really doing a good job (yay). The standard for the mission is 20 lessons per week and last week we had 21, so this week we are trying to have 25 lessons. I hope it works out! We also are working on finding new people! 
This transfer we only have 5 weeks and I think this crazy and lot’s of people need to train, so I might get a new companion in a few weeks but i think i’ll stay in Jersey City.
Well.. I love being a missionary, every minute of it and i know with all my heart that this is what the lord wants me to do. I see at least one miracle every day! And this shows me that the lord loves his servants so much. I am so greatful for everything and thanks everyone for the emails. 
You can send me letters to : 496 Pavonia Ave 1A, 07306 NJ
I love you so much and miss you, I even have dreams with you. I didn;t think that I would miss everyone so much but it’s okay, my companion is pretty amazing!
I love and pray for you!
Love always,
Sister K/ Kranewitter

Week 3

Hi papa, hi mama,

mir geht es gut. ich bin nicht mehr krank und fuehle mich schon sehr viel besser. Das war jetzt meine Letzte woche im mtc provo und am montag morgen um 8:45am geht’s ab nach NEW JERSEY!! Whooop whoop! Hier zu sein hat mein nochmal gestaerkt und ich kann es kaum erwaren das evangeluim mit den menschen in new Jersey zu verkuendiegen. 

I never know in which language to write because I have family in 3 different continents… but I think english is pretty universal.

There happens so much that I forget everything of i don’t write it down but here are some highlights of the week. 

On saturday me and my companion went to teach someone less-active in the trc and that was an experience that I won’t forget. usually people take on a role and just play it but this time the person that we got was really less-active and not acting! She felt that she got baptized very fast and had not a lot of knowledge and din’t really know what she was getting herself into. she had some doubts about the book of mormon and the prophet because she never felt anything when she read in it. and then she did homework on sunday and felt bad about it, anyways…. her family is not lds and not supportive so we shared our experiences and explained her what she needs to to in ord3er to find out ifit’s true. I don;t know whey but right in the beginnign i asked her of she would give the prayer and she said no and i don’t know why but after we talked to her for 40 minutes I asked her again if she would like to pray with us about the things that we have been teachign her and to really ask God with all her heart if it was true and she said she would do it!! So we knelt and we closed our eyes and there was a 30 second break and i was wondering if she was praying in her mind but she was crying! She then started to say the prayer while she was crying and it was so sincere from her heart that me and my companion felt the spirit so strong and we also0 started crying. When she was done I gave her a hug and my email address. That was so great! 

Anyways, yesterday i had in fiels orientation and that was pretty slow and boring, but important! 

OMG! There is this elder that I met in the gym (my nose was bledding when he was talking to me) and he’s kinda weird… as i am sitting here he is writing ,e little notes on papers and super flirty! NOt a good thing to be as missionary… so somehow he figured out my first name and wrote me an email… strange! that kid is not even in my branch! But no worries I didn’t flirt back haha.

Today we went to temple square with all the internationals and that was so sweet because we got to go to the church office building, and the museum and it was just so great. And I am gl;ad that I can say that I know that Joseph Smith is/was indeed the prophet! I just know it with all my heart.

I have to finish laundry! So I’ll talk to you next monday? I don’t know when my pday will be. Oh and thank you so much for all the letters (I can feel the love :D) I I wrote back, I just need to send them, but I send some already/ they got delivered by a friend to some of you. 

Anyways I love you so much and I miss you1 Sometimes i want to just chat orsee you but then I realize that I can’t. 

Ich hab euch voll lieb!

Love always & forever

Sister Kranewitter

ps: please write me letters on my mish I promise i’ll write back



Week 2

Hi Papa, hey Mama

Das MTC is wunderbar und mir geht es es gut, macht euch keine Sorgen. Ich hoffe euch haben die Bilder gefallen!!! Ich hab euch sooo lieb 🙂

Wow! This has been one of the shortest weeks of my life!! Since I have some time i am goign to tell you a little about my district, (it’s like a a group that I’m in) So my companion is sister Oa from american samoa and she’s already my family. She is GREAT, she’s going to Oakland Visitor Center! Then there is Elder Braluschke from Germany, that I know from before my mission, Elder Westra from Holland (Netherlands) , and Elder Barsinas, he’s from Tahiti. I really like all of them but they are a little immature sometimes (talking about the Elders). 

Elder Barsinas has some learning difficulties I think. He’s a little strange but I still love him. The other day I helped him write his talk and learn the first vision (he only speaks french and his english is super bad). Anyways, I just feel bad for him sometimes, so I decided to do something for him. I was helping him for 1 and a half hours and I noticed he has trouble concentrating. He… well he farts in class all the time and he did in the hall way the other day with all the sisters, and he always says ik hou van jou! (that means I love you in dutch it just sounds soooooo funny!!!)

So our room is alright, we have to ourselves at the moment but I think that there will be other sisters moving in next week. I just have trouble getting on my bed because there are no stairs to climb up. It probably look really retarded. 

The food is okay, there is some healthy stuff but at the moment i.m sick 😦 So I can’t really eat and I feel dizzy all the time. Yesterday I slept for 4 hours!!! Me and sister Oa went to the BYU Clinic to get some medicine so I should be better soon. 

The branch president, President  Marion is really great but i am kind of afraid of him because he always yells at us. If I didn’t feel that he had the spirit I would totally yell back… just kidding, I would never do that but that is why i listen to him. The other day during zone meeting a spider crawled on the wall behind my head and when my companion told me I freaked out and and everyone was laughing but it was kinda embarrassing and Pres, Marion of course also yelled at me for that. Some people just don’t understand what phobias are. 

Oh ya by the way we have bed bugs! I thought I could randomly through this out. 

Oh here is a really funny story for you guys! Sister Oa went to the shower and I asked her if I could use her lotion. So after I got dressed i took the lotion and put some of it on my legs and I was confused why the lotion was so slimy and weird… when sister Oa came back she asked me why her shampoo bottle was on the table and I said that she might have forgotten it there and she was liek nooo… and then she asked me again why her shampoo is on the table and then i realized that I used shampoo instead of lotion (the lotion was right next to the shampoo). And we just started laughing sooo hard!! I had no time to take anotehr shower so i just put on tights and continuedmy day. Gross!!! Right?! haha 

I also started to use the gym here and it’s really fun! I did rows the other day and my abs were hurting so bad the next couple of days that it hurt when I would laugh.

So the MTC booked my ticket today and i’ll be leaving salt lake on the 11th at 9 am. So I am quite excited! Also when i went to the temple this morning I met Kyle durfee!!! he has some letters for you at CT so Ask him if you wrote me a dear elder because I replyed! 

The other day when we were teaching I totally made this story up. So I was teachign out teacher Brother SMith (he is so great, we’re gonna teach him about the law of chastity tomorrow AWKWARD) and we invited the elders to be our members.Elder Barsinas forgot his his nametag so elder Barlusche borrowed him his. So I said that they’re twins from another mother that are participating in a twin study. Somethign like that but it was super funny.

I love the mtc, you learn so much, espechually about yourself and your weaknesses. But it’s great I already learned so much and about my purpose of being a missionary/ representatvie of Jesus Christ. SOmetomes you get a little discouraged and you’re afraid to go to the field. Me andf my companion felt like that the other day and when we talked about it we started crying, but it was good to let it all out and I think it also strengthened our relationship and helped us grow closer. Today is just a happy day liek usually any other day.

Hey hope you all are doing well! I gotta go now so ’til next week 🙂

Love always & forever! 

Sister Kranewitter

ps: if you don’t receive an email from me but you gave your email then email me first so I can save your email address (

Week 1

Hey Dad, Mom, and everyone else, 
 I have p days on friday. I went to the temple today and it was great. i think i saw brent. anyways… my companion is from samoa and she’s 21 had some siblings but her family is inactive. that’s mainly why she’d on a mission! I really love her already and look up tp hert and the example that she’s to me. sorry i”m in a hurry and I still need to write my branch prsident. he’s truly the best. 
his mission pres. was thomas s monson!!! I know right! Sorry i can’t send pictures i had no idea that they don’t take sd cards. I met Karen Castro, sister king, stephanie peatrosses old roommate from china and Elder Barlusche from Germnay. he’s actua;;y in my distric. It5’s realy crazy that i met him here…. it kind of blew my mind haha… sorry i am typing super super super fast because I am runnig out of time. I am super tired all the time but it is so great here. I already learned so much. My companion is serving in Oklahoma Visitor center and she said I have a samoan style haha… she’s so cool (SIster Oa). The food is better than when i make it hahaha… you definitely will be fat here unless you work out but believe or not I had no time to work out because I am so busy all the time. Yesterday they chose our distict ;eaders and senior and junior comanions. I am Sister Oa’s Senior companion now. The first day I had no companio0n until 8 because they messed somethign up… asnyays sorry for the typos and this whole mess… I promise that next week will be better and more organized.What I learned so far ias that this is true;y all about him and his children and not me!! 

Hey can someone send me hair ties? And can someone make sure that my byu application is in? Can someone also make saure that my endorsement is in?? And tell sister anderson that she should update my blog and fb with this email???

I am so sorry I got to go now but I am fine just tired and busy. 

Love always and forever,

Sister Kranewitter

os: my mailbox changed but I send a letter with my new address my mailbox number is 107, feel free to shoot me a dear elder and i try to reply (letters are better than emails)