3 Days before my Mission!

I just gave my fare well talk so that means I am leaving on a mission right? I cannot believe that it is coming up so fast!! I am so so so … not nervous? it’s a weird feeling… it’s excitement and… weirdness. Yeah I know that’s not really a better description BUT I was so happy to see so many friends and people that I loved at my talk. I really have an amazing ward and friends (YAY). Well the talk went fine, I wasn’t even that nervous just super tired.

Later after church I had people come over to eat cinnamon rolls and that was quite fun! I still need to write down everybody’s email address.

Ah! I am just so annoyed right now because I lost my keys somewhere at cinnamon tree and I can’t find it and I really really need them because I need to go to my storage tomorrow and I need to turn in my keys on tuesday morning. I am screwed if I don’t find them! Ah! Satan is so sneaky but he won’t destroy my day. At least I am not letting him! Ahhhh it’s so annoying though!


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