2 Days before my Mission!

I felt like satan was playing roller coaster with me today, I had quite fun day but felt super crappy! I was looking for my keys every where and I could not find them! Ah! It was quite disappointing when I payed 61 dollars to drill my lock and replace it :(. My dad actually doesn’t know about it yet but he probably will scream if he sees it next month in his credit card account (at least I wil be in Jersey so he can’t call me). Then I got also hurt by some friends (emotionally) and that quite sucked… I feel that right before my mission everything goes wrong! I remember right the day after I got my call I thought my life was a big mess because of events that happened. And now right before leaving on my mission I am getting super stressed out about things!

BUT the good thing about today was the I realized again that I am blessed with such wonderful friends. They really tried to help me find my keys and get all of my stuff into the storage. If I wouldn’t have them I’d probably go insane right now (I had so many break downs today, not only because of Le Mis). But I just tried to not get angry or upset about my situation and voila … I felt heavenly fathers love for me and all my worried disappeared. Oh and by the way it was totally worth it to see Le Mis before going on my mission (if you haven’t seen it yet then you totally should. *hint* *hint*). I also had my friends over later today and it is always a blast to talk to them. Well they are quite interesting because they love to talk about romance and sexy romance 😉 (If they’re reading this right now they probably start laughing super hard because they totally know what was going on today). I also had my last ballroom dance and that was quite fantastic!

Honestly I was calm but I am starting to get a little nervous now, but I can’t until I get set apart! I am not sure who is going to be there but it’s going to be great. My email about it will be probably postet next week.

IMG_0257 IMG_0259 IMG_0271

“Sexy time” You know you want it!


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