5 days before my Mission!!!!

CARAMBA! Is it really so soon? I think I haven’t realized everything yet. I am still thinking I’m just chilling… anyways, I finally got my whole wardrobe together! (Yay) Sometimes I really don’t like to go shopping but I am proud to say that I got 80% of my missionary cloth from DI! Who would have thought, right? I still have to get an Alarm clock and all that other small stuff but it’s crazy that I’ll be packing my suit case soon. I started to pack all of my stuff at my apartment so I can take it to the storage that I rented. I am also in process to apply to BYU and I still have to write my talk for church tomorrow. Scary! One of the Elders that taught me is coming and his wife and I am way excited!! They are such wonderful people!!

Oh boy! Boys ain’t nothing but trouble! Not that I got into trouble haha (I better not!) but I am leaving on a mission and I can’t do anything really. It’s all just bad timing but that’s okay. Anyways… I can’t wait to become a missionary!¬†



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