I week before my Mission!

Today was a really good day and I learned so much! I realized that my mission is coming up very soon and I’ll be Sister Kranewitter on tuesday. Hah! I feel that I am running out of time to do things. Anyways, so today I went to two religion classes with my best friend and they were quite fantastic! I learned so much and once again it helped for my talk. I texted the brother that assigned me the talk because I am not sure if he wants me to talk about missionary work at all. So  my topic now is on the blessings that come from spiritual preparation. It;s going to be great. 

The two religion classes that I sat in were BOM and New Testament and I loved it!! I really hope that I will get accepted by BYU so that I can get this special education. I just really want to be a cougar!!! *Rawwwrrr* We later went then to an institute class which was on the Holy Ghost and I really loved it. Bless the teachers heart for giving that lesson every wednesday for less than 5 people. I love how I have so much access to the gospel here in Provo. It is great (that’s a lame sentence but I just can’t express in words how much that means to me). I love how the people are such great examples to me. It just feels great to be somewhere were you’re with people that do the right thing. 

My friend also went shopping in my pantry and fridge and got a moth worth of food from me haha. I also realized that I am playing games every night now and I am always up in guys apartments…. well hopefully they don’t get me into trouble haha. 




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