1 Week and 6 days before my Mission!

My mission is coming upso soon! I am so ready though, I just could go any day into the MTC. I did not know what to do with my spare time so I went to mission prep (my old mission prep class) and it was totally the right thing to do. My teacher is amazing, he also is a branch president (I think that’s what he is) at the MTC, he also serves a mission with his wife in Puerto Rico (I might be wrong) but he is so so amazing and his wife is too. If you really sincerely listen to his lessons are open to take in you can feel the presence of the spirit so strong. Today his lesson was just a general overview of the missionary schedule and how divine our callings are! We also talked about keeping our journal, especially on our mission. He said it’s good to have a personal and a scripture study journal and I am so glad that I kept my study journal. I always took lots of notes in his class (like I said he is the best!) and my goal this year is to keep my personal journal bette. I am terrible in writing into my personal journal but I realized that it is important to keep a record of my mission! So my goal on my mission is to write into it for at least 7 minites each day and to not miss a single day of my mission. That’s going to be a challenge for me but I think it’s a good reasonable goal right?

Well I also talked to his wife (she is so wonderful too) and she told me she would look through my cloth and see if she approves of it and also gave me some good advice. I also figured out who is going to drop me off the MTC, and who is going to come to my set apart thing. The plan is that I get set apart (AS A MISSIONARY OF THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS!!!!!)  on the 22nd at 8pm and then go and spend the night at my mission prep teachers house so I can have his wife as my companion (my roommates will be at work or school in the morning that’s why) and then she’ll drop me off at the MTC! It’s

crazy it’s coing up so soon!

I am so thankful for the people that heavenly father has blessed me with.He definitely knows us and who we need in our lives.

Preach My Gospel


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