1 Week and 4 days before my Mission!

WOW. That’s the best description for this day! I am so grateful for everything heavenly father has given me in my life. Today my mission prep’s wife came and looked at my cloth and helped me to figue out what I still need and all that stuff. Well then my one of my best friends ( she is really amazing) and me went to Salt Lake to do an endowment session. We first stopped by her grandma and then DI in wich we spend about 2 good hours. To be honest half of my missionary closet is from Di. The other 20 percent is either also second hand or new. I love DI and I am glad I got all my missionary cloth. We then went to the four o clock session and it was packed! No seat was spare! It was absolutely beautiful and a different experience (live endowment). I am still impressed that they learned everything by heart. I was also thinking about my roommate and how she is going to go to the temple soon and going to feel the spirit and I just felt so happy for her! 

After the session we went to Arie to look at a jack for my mission and possibly a backpack. Well Arie is quite fantastic and pricy and I spend $230 on a waterproofed coat, a fleeze (or however you write that), and a backpack (It’s soooo much money). But I needed it and I am sure I’ll be greatful to not get soaked. Anyways, today was amazing because we we’re just at the places where we needed to be. First DI were I found the rest of the clothing that we needed (my friend also got some really really cute stuff), then the temple (it was so beautiful), and then Arie. Not only because I found all the stiff but my friend met this guy who had served at the Phillippines and gave  her really useful advice!

I loved this day and I am kind of sad it’s over! I also realized how close my mission is coming up. It just kinda crashed me a little bit with excitement and sadness, but I really feel blessed to serve a mission!



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