Just a thought on CTR rings

Well most people that I know that are LDS at least owned a CTR ring in some point of their lives. I personally love CTR rings. I once had a German (WRD) one and I loved it. It was funny because WDR is a famous radio/tv station and lot’s of people would ask me about it. But It walso was a good opportunity to talk about what it really stands for. Unfortunately I lost that awesome ring but I got a Joseph Smith ring instead. I always thought those were pretty cool too. Well… I got the guy version and I had also tons of lds people asking me about it but hey I liked my ring! Anyways after a while I lost that ring too. Well I didn’t quite loose it, I forgot it at my friends cousin place where I was baking… (women! right?!). After that I got another one that said CTR on it (yeah I am joining the english club) but it was really hard for me to choose one because I am really picky when it comes to stuff like that. But I found a pretty one without realizing at that time that the meaning “Choose The Right” meant more to me than the ring itself.

I also thought a lot of symbolism, for example I should’t do anything wrong because I am constantly reminded by my ring to choose the right, and  it’s just wrong to do something wrong if  wearing that ring. Does my analogy make sense to you, and if so, is that not cool?? I was just thinking about the temple and connected the ring to my endowment (that’s all I am saying about it). When I picked the ring I payed attention to it’s design, it’s a white ceramic ring on which CTR is written in cursive black which is surrounded by Hawaiian flowers on the right and left. The white color reminds me of the temple, its purity, cleanliness, and most importantly the atonement of Jesus Christ, the CTR reminds me of the laws, ordinances, and covenants I made with God. The black writing on it reminds me of how serious those ordinances and covenants are, and the flowers, they remind me of the beautiful temples and the garden of Eden. So to me this ring reminds me of the temple and since I’ve been endowed this meaning has changed more and become more deeper. I hope that I won’t loose my ring or at least not for a while haha.


I found a picture of my ring!

Anyways all I want to say is that always be reminded of who you are who you represent in all your actions! And a way that you can be reminded of that is by your CTR ring or any item that has a special spiritual meaning to you!


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