2 Weeks before my Mission!


Well…. since I can bring a backpack to my mission I bought a black one (it’s really simple but yay for backpacks!) and I am just buying the last stuff I need for my mission (I always need some stuff!!). I am so excited I can’t believe that it’s only 2 more weeks, I am already ready. They can send me any day. I am trying to finish reading the book of Mormon again before I leave and I have 200 pages left so I should be able to accomplish that. And I am reading it at least 30 minutes a day, so I might as well step it up and do it an hour. Well one of my friends in my ward said that her family is in my mission and that they always feed the missionaries so I am way excited to meet them!!  I am just so so so excited. Last sunday one of the counselors asked me to give my fare well talk on the 20th (did I already mention that?).

Well since I am leaving so soon I better fill my canteen haha. That’s just a joke and I hope that peoplewhot know me and read this really know that I am joking! But I heared that the MTC is really empty. Anyways I have some friends writing me which I am really excited about (of course we’re just friends) but I just love making that joke. Anyways… I just thought about it and I am pretty sure that I’ll be the shortest Sister missionary on the field… pretty sure… .

I also started my application for BYU and I just need to submit it.  I’ll find out on February if I am accepted or not.



I thought that one was pretty funny!


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