2 Weeks and 5 days before my Mission!

Today my dad and me went to temple square and it was such a powerful experience. (German) Sisters (SISTER MISSIONARIES!!!) gave us a tour and my dad seemed to be very interested and to enjoy it. When we were at the Christ statue the sister missionaries and me shared our testimonies and that was quite powerful!! That was the first time i could share my whole testimony with him and over the days that he has been here. It really took 5 and a half years for me to be at this point were I could share this with him. I think that people need to be ready to hear bout the gospel or to commit to things. I think that he is more ready bow to learn about the gospoel then he was before and he made so much progress over this time. I am just really happy that I am not rejected anymore when I try to talk with him about the gospel. Anyways, I felt the spirit so strongly today and I think that my dad also felt a change. Life is wonderful. Life is great. Life is hard but it makes your testimony grow if you have faith!



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