2 Weeks and 4 days before my Mission!

Wow! This day was amazing! My dad left today but we still spend some time together and it was amazing! My dad started asking me questions about the gospel and Jesus Christ, and the book of Mormon, and we also talked a lot about the apostasy, the great apostasy ,and the word of wisdom. He never was interested in any of that so I was really surprised when he asked me all these questions. I was definitely prepared because i had read all of preach my gospel and mission prep helped a lot. I am just grateful for the opportunities I have to share this things with him. My dad is a great man and I really adore him, he is also a great example in my life. I think I can say that I am a better person today because of the impacts my dad made in my life. Me and my dad we are really alike. We laugh about the same things, like the same things, do the same things, and if we have a goal we will do everything in our ability to achieve it, if have hardships we will do everything to get out of the situation, well we don’t like the same music but that’s okay haha. If you see us together under one roof you will be surprised how much alike we are. I really miss but me and my dad have this special relationship that no matter how much we are apart we are always close to each other in our hearts (I know this might sound really cheesy but it’s true). I won’t see him for at least another 2 years but I get to share my testimony weekly with him and that means so much to me. I will never forget this day as it was very special to me. I asked him if I could contact the missionary to visit him occasionally and he agreed! That made and makes me so  happy. I don’t know if he will ever join in this life but I know that I have to keep trying.



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