3 Weeks before my Mission!

I can’t believe that I am going into the MTC so soon! That is very soon. My friend Janelle just went in today and I am sure she is absolutely going to love it. I am so excited for her and I have to write her letter sometime 🙂 I started to collect my friends emails so I can send them emails. Anyways the time with my dad has been wonderful and I love him so much. I really really care a lot about my dad. Our relationship has not always been that great and he kind of left me with my mom when I was 12. But I feel that he is trying really hard to make up for the years. He is such a great example in my life and I am so thankful for the atonement in my life and what it has done for me and others. I don’t think my dad really understands the atonement but he is naturally acting as if he would know it which I am really surpassed of. What if that’s like an instinct that heavenly father naturally programmed into our brains ? Well… my dad and me had a little argument the other day and I realized that I could have handled the situation better and I felt so horrible for the things I said to him (I didn’t really meant any of it/ I think we all sometimes just say stupid things). I noticed that I experience things a ton worse after being endowed. Going to the temple is definitely a serious decision and I always want to use the atonement in my life and don’t wait until it’s too late to get things straight. My testimony is growing bigger and bigger every day and I have so many spiritual experiences at the moment. It’s great to have and keep the spirit in your daily life ( I would be sooooo lost without it). Of course you can’t open a map and say okay now guide me to where I am supposed to go but it definitely confirms you right decisions in your life. 






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