3 Weeks and 6 days before my Mission!

Wow that’s so soon!! Today my dad and me went to see my bishop and his wife (I love them both so much and they are such wonderful people) and talked about missions and purposes of a mission and how it works out and all that and it was great. I am so surprised and blessed that my dad takes it in all so well and trusts me. If he didn’t know that I have a testimony then he would never let me go. This is also such a strong testimony to me and I know that someday either in this life or in the next he will accept the saviors sacrifice and let Christ do all the work for him. I always had the trust and feeling that one day it will all work out. I love my dad so much, he is a smart man and has been an example to me in my life. I hope that I can also be an example to him and that I will be the example he was to me when I have my own kids (that’s obviously far in the future). Anyways, I am already excited to share my testimony to him and mother as write them each week about the great experiences and blessings that I had. 




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