6 Weeks Before My Mission

OMG 6 Weeks can you believe that? I still need to go clothes shopping and all that stuff…. meh.. I hate clothes shopping, especially shoes because I never ever find anything that fits me (the kids section has nothing appealing, only pink, glitter, unicorns, hearts and flowers). So it’s finals week (Hurray) and I am so excited for my last one because then it’s finally over and for second because i will be done with school for the nest 18 month. Well I have to admit that studying is really hard… Ever since I got my mission call my head forwarded to vacation and mission. Everytime I start to study I end up looking at maps of New Jersey or other missionary stuff. Oh well…  I almost forgot to share my funny story. I am not sure of it’s really that funny but I think it’s funny. So on monday I had a final at 7 in the morning (you got te be kidding me!) and I had to give a presentation on spanking. I am okay with giving talks, even in english but somehow when I got up and everyone was starring at me (they looked like fish, seriously) I started to get a little nervous. My english basically increased from good to I only have been in America for a week and don’t know the language. I ended up saying something like spanking bad but abuse is … … (big pause) the bad guy. I was really embarassed.

So this friday I am going to the temple which is a really exciting thought, but also a bit scary because it’s super serious. I’m sure I’ll be fine… anyways I invited one of the Elders that taught me and his wife but unfortunately they can’t make it. It’s so sad but I am excited that my mission prep teacher and his wife are going to come, and of course one of my very good friends. So in other words I am so so so so excited! :)



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