5 weeks and 5 days before my mission!

I am so so so excited because I got to go to the temple today and OMG! It was amazing ( and overwhelming, but I heared that’s normal) and I loved it, and it was absolutely beautiful. I expected it to be different but it was even better. I had my mission prep teacher and his wife come and also 3 of my very close friends. There is so much more to do in the temple and it is truly the house of God! I think I am on a spiritual high right now as I write this, but I can guarantee to anyone that IT IS THE PLACE TO BE. I am so excited for my mission in New Jersey, I already started loving the people without even being there. I am so stocked for it but I still have so much to prepare for. I just want to be ready so I can be the best missionary that I can be and become a true disciple of Jesus Christ. Gosh I love this gospel and I can’t stop telling people about how much I love it and how true it is. The temple has opened my eyes even more and testified to me that it is really really really REALLY important to come unto Christ. I am so blessed to live in this time where there are temples and that I can get all the blessings that come for it. Okay I have to stop writing now … BYE! 



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