3 Week and 3 days before my Mission

Oh my gosh! The closer my MTC date comes the more spiritual experiences have. I also love completing the pre-missionary thing. It definitely prepares you for the mission. I am also glad that I took mission preparation because otherwise I would be very nervous going into the mtc.

One great experience today was that I got to bring my dad to sacrament meeting. I was so happy when partook of it, and that he came to church. That really meant a lot to me. I also got to see my former roommate at her farewell talk and she is going to be a great missionary (she is so cute). She is going to the Canada Torronto Mission and I am sure they will be lucky to have her!



3 Weeks and 6 days before my Mission!

Wow that’s so soon!! Today my dad and me went to see my bishop and his wife (I love them both so much and they are such wonderful people) and talked about missions and purposes of a mission and how it works out and all that and it was great. I am so surprised and blessed that my dad takes it in all so well and trusts me. If he didn’t know that I have a testimony then he would never let me go. This is also such a strong testimony to me and I know that someday either in this life or in the next he will accept the saviors sacrifice and let Christ do all the work for him. I always had the trust and feeling that one day it will all work out. I love my dad so much, he is a smart man and has been an example to me in my life. I hope that I can also be an example to him and that I will be the example he was to me when I have my own kids (that’s obviously far in the future). Anyways, I am already excited to share my testimony to him and mother as write them each week about the great experiences and blessings that I had. 



4 Weeks and 3 days before my Mission!

My dad is here! I took him to Music and The Spoken Word today (it was great) and he liked it (mission accomplished, haha at least for today). Well one of my friends that served in the Mission I’ve been called to came by and told my dad all the wonderful things are awaiting me on my Mission. He also explained my dad a little bit about what missions are and how everything is inspired and lead by Heavenly Father’s hands. He also gave me a quote that I liked 🙂 

“Be the kind of Missionary that when your feet hit the ground each morning, the devil says, ‘Oh (crap) burrito- she’s up!”

I love this quote and challenge excepted! 


5 weeks before my Mission!

I stared buying some mission stuff and  have to say that I am not enjoying this. I kinda don’t like shopping (it makes you tired and I can’t find all the stuff that I need) but it’s exciting, on the other hand, to start gathering all the stuff, because that means that my mission is coming closer and closer. I am excited for my dad to get here in a couple of days because I get to take him to temple square and church and BYU and those other spiritual uplifting places. Oh boy I hope he’s going to last through all that without getting annoyed haha. He’s kinda like my investigator ( a really complicated one) and its funny when he asks me questions about the gospel or mormon culture and it’s totally obvious to me, but then I remember back when I was an investigator and see myself asking the same questions. I have had the opportunity to go to the temple 2 since I got endowed and it has been a different experience. Still wonderful and great of course! My goeal is to go every week at least once.


5 weeks and 5 days before my mission!

I am so so so excited because I got to go to the temple today and OMG! It was amazing ( and overwhelming, but I heared that’s normal) and I loved it, and it was absolutely beautiful. I expected it to be different but it was even better. I had my mission prep teacher and his wife come and also 3 of my very close friends. There is so much more to do in the temple and it is truly the house of God! I think I am on a spiritual high right now as I write this, but I can guarantee to anyone that IT IS THE PLACE TO BE. I am so excited for my mission in New Jersey, I already started loving the people without even being there. I am so stocked for it but I still have so much to prepare for. I just want to be ready so I can be the best missionary that I can be and become a true disciple of Jesus Christ. Gosh I love this gospel and I can’t stop telling people about how much I love it and how true it is. The temple has opened my eyes even more and testified to me that it is really really really REALLY important to come unto Christ. I am so blessed to live in this time where there are temples and that I can get all the blessings that come for it. Okay I have to stop writing now … BYE! 


6 Weeks Before My Mission

OMG 6 Weeks can you believe that? I still need to go clothes shopping and all that stuff…. meh.. I hate clothes shopping, especially shoes because I never ever find anything that fits me (the kids section has nothing appealing, only pink, glitter, unicorns, hearts and flowers). So it’s finals week (Hurray) and I am so excited for my last one because then it’s finally over and for second because i will be done with school for the nest 18 month. Well I have to admit that studying is really hard… Ever since I got my mission call my head forwarded to vacation and mission. Everytime I start to study I end up looking at maps of New Jersey or other missionary stuff. Oh well…  I almost forgot to share my funny story. I am not sure of it’s really that funny but I think it’s funny. So on monday I had a final at 7 in the morning (you got te be kidding me!) and I had to give a presentation on spanking. I am okay with giving talks, even in english but somehow when I got up and everyone was starring at me (they looked like fish, seriously) I started to get a little nervous. My english basically increased from good to I only have been in America for a week and don’t know the language. I ended up saying something like spanking bad but abuse is … … (big pause) the bad guy. I was really embarassed.

So this friday I am going to the temple which is a really exciting thought, but also a bit scary because it’s super serious. I’m sure I’ll be fine… anyways I invited one of the Elders that taught me and his wife but unfortunately they can’t make it. It’s so sad but I am excited that my mission prep teacher and his wife are going to come, and of course one of my very good friends. So in other words I am so so so so excited! :)


6 weeks ans 4 days before my Mission


I thought I could write in here everyday before my mission and read it when I come back. It would also be an opportunity for me to share my testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I guess I could introduce me very fast … well… I am Larissa and I am from Germany. I moved to the States just over a year ago mainly because of college but also because the United States are awesome (AMERICA!). My family lives on 3 different continents and speaks different languages. I joined the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints 5 years ago when I was 14 years old. I just got a mission call to New Jersey Morristown last week (I am so excited).

Getting my mission call the week before finals is very interesting so let’s see how it wil turn out!Image